‚ÄčArthur & Stephanie


We believe it is important to always try to learn new things both inside and outside the classroom.  Arthur has his doctorate and we continue to provide support to our colleges and are involved in Henry's school. We also make sure that Henry understands the importance of giving back and have spent time volunteering in the community.

Spending time together:

We love to spend time doing things as a family!  When the weather is nice we like to be outside as much as possible, doing things like going for bike rides, visiting the local zoo and taking the dogs for long walks. We also have a love of nature and do a lot of hiking.  We love to travel and take many trips each year including ski trips, visits to the beach and every few years a bigger trip to another country.  Arthur has also recently discovered car racing, which has resulted in a lot of family events at race tracks!


We are very close to our families and spend a lot of time together. We have frequent playdates with cousins that live nearby and take several trips a year to visit family members that are a little farther away.  It is important to us that Henry grows up close to his cousins and knowing all of his extended family.  

We would love to hear from you - please contact us at any time.  

Email: stephanieandarthuradopt@gmail.com or 1-888-427-1499.